Sophie Tighe

After years of being overweight but too intimidated to join a gym, I came across evolve. The staff have been so welcoming, it now feels like a home from home, a safe place to work out without feeling intimidated at all. From day one Tommy has been amazing, starting with a fitness assessment and a talk to understand my fitness goals, he has developed a unique workout and diet plan for me and I am seeing the results fast! I feel more motivated than ever to embark on this transformation and feel totally supported by the evolve team. It feels like the transformation has already begun if I look back to where I was day one compared to today. To begin with I had no idea what I was doing! I didn’t know how to use the machines or which would benefit me, I was seriously overweight with a BMI in the red zone. Today I am confidently using the machines, growing stronger and smashing my personal bests every week! I am in the best shape I have been for the last ten years. With the safe supportive environment and the staff on hand to always go above and beyond to help, I feel more motivated than ever to keep going, becoming a healthier, stronger version of myself!

Tommy has a vast knowledge about the science of exercise and nutrition he utilizes to help each individual gym member. Evolve treats each of its members as unique, with their own needs, taking the time to get to know each person and help them develop a personalised exercise plan. The gym has a great variety of equipment from cardio, TRX to HIIT and weight training. This gym really has something for everyone and more importantly will help you discover which workout regime works best for you, if like me you are unsure where to start!

Oleon Santos

I am an experienced athlete with a background in movement, calisthenics, capoeira and martial arts. Since I arrived on Koh Phangan the EVOLVE gym had given me all I need to get my perfect workout. Not just that I also found tons of super interesting people and a lot of new friends over there. I would highly recommend any body who’s interested in holidays in Thailand, go and have a visit at EVOLVE Health Clib.










Nick Roth – trainer

Nick is a nutritionist and personal trainer from South Africa. He specializes in functional training, using the body in as many ways as possible in order to make you more efficient in every day life. He studied Anatomy, physiology, bio-mechanics and Nutrition and is constantly researching new cases studies to implement in his knowledge with his clients.
Nick uses exercises that mimic movement patterns you use everyday, and to make you stronger in ways that would help you on a daily basis, all whilst encompassing cardiovascular, strength training and inner connectedness.