Personal Training Classes

About your trainer: Tommy

Personal Training Classes

Evolve Personal Training Sessions

At Evolve we are all about building a personalized fitness plan around your goals. Your training, your way to lead us to your goals. We seek to encourage and support each of our clients in their own unique way. Which means the balls in your court. Some of our guest ask us to support them through an intense few weeks of training to help them reach their goals by the time they are walking out of the gym. Other people are mostly to enjoy the sun, sand and beautiful Thai lifestyle. The training to some guest is secondary to their holiday experience.
When you begin at Evolve we start by taking your weights, measurements and putting you through a brief test of health and endurance. After that you will sit down with a qualified trainer and speak one on one about what you want to get out of your time here. What diet you require, what exercise your interested in, any inquiries you are looking to heal and from there we will design a fitness plan tailored to your own exact needs.

Classes Include:

  • Physical assessment
  • Fitness plan
  • One on One training
  • Personal coaching
  • A variety of exercises to suit your goals
  • Core & Cardio
  • HIT
  • Mobility
  • Kettle Bell training

“The test is not a complex one: when the alarm goes off, do you get up out of bed, or do you lie there in comfort and fall back to sleep?”

Should you take this class

Personal training session with Tommy are some of the most requested classes we have a evolve. The classes are Taylor made around your body and needs with Tommy always more than happy to adjust the difficulty or method passed on the level and age of the student. Anyone from any walk of life would benefit and fit in fine with these training sessions.

Discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tonnes. – Jim Rohn


Private training such as HIIT, TRX, Kettle Bell, functional:

Non Member: 1 session – 600 Baht
Non Member: 10 Sessions – 5400 Baht

Member: 1 session – 500 Baht
Member: 10 Sessions – 4500 Baht

Improving medical conditions including analyse of status quo and mobility enhancement, etc., (requires special knowledge):

1 session – 1000 Baht

Personal Training Classes


Qualifications –

4 Years of Experience as a certified trainer

8 Years as a manager in Aerospace and Automotive finishing as the factory manager

6 years of training Muay Thai

I live to teach and learn. Everyday being a personal trainer at Evolve allows me to do both. We have had some truly amazing guest teach at our gym. Champion marital artists and trainers with decades of experience in resistant training (Strength and muscle building) but I learn from everyone regardless of their background. Even a person who is brand new to training teaches me how to adapt to their body, their needs and their goals. Every student has a plan built around their ideal holiday and their personal fitness goals. The old idea that one size fits all actually fits no one.


Evolve is like a playground for adults. There’s so much here and so much going one. A lot of us locals practice hand stands and other advanced gymnastics together. It’s a great community. I spend a lot of my time playing on the ropes and gymnastic rings. They have a few TRX setups as well dip bars. I prefer body weight training and there is plenty of toys to choose from.

Rick Nelson