Our Staff

Our Staff


Our gym’s team

At Evolve we’re all about FUN and DEDICATION. In our view you can’t have one without the other and our staff embrace this philosophy whole heartedly. No matter how serious the training we always like to keep the atmosphere in the gym friendly, casual and one that is welcoming to people from every country and of every skill level.

If you want fun without dedication then there are plenty of cocktail bars on the beach. If you have dedication without fun…..well that’s no fun at all and your dedication is only going to last so long unless you truly enjoy your practice.

Evolve’s professional and approachable team is always on hand with technical knowledge, motivational encouragement and a smile. Like our customers we are always looking to improve ourselves and our Health Club and if we can have a enjoy ourselves along the way


Counter Staff & Trainer

Nan is one of the most cheerful person you’ll met. She’s always smiling and super friendly. Her love to exercise is just topped by the love of the gym dog “Sunak”. She loves to take care of him.

Her main job is in the local hospital so, if you want to meet her better show up in the weekend.


Counter Staff

Ae is always smiling and one of the most polite persons you’ll meet on the island. She connects very good with people. Her charming and big smile will convince even the most grumpy person to smile back and have a chat.

She loves to workout and likes a healthy lifestyle, so why not sharing some views?


Owner & Trainer

Tommy is as passionate and excited about the gym as he is about training. His deep understanding of the body and continuous drive to develop the gym, his own knowledge skills as well as the customers make him a perfect trainer.He’s keen to see and understand what the customer needs and always offers the best solution without missing the important details to his customers.



Keng is a diligent and motivational trainer. He always does his homework and knows his stuff. Even if you challenge him with new ideas and topics, in no time at all he’ll be able to adapt. He’s specializing in Muay Thai training for serious fighters and beginners wanting to get in touch with the art. Additionally, he has a great skill set in HIT, Kettle Bell training as well as classical gym exercises.


Co-Owner & Counter

The most genuine and polite person your likely to meet on Koh Phangan or anywhere in the world. Formerly a teacher she brings her ability to clearly convey information and explain complex exercises and gym equipment to people of any skill level. She is also known as the back-office joker of the gym. No matter what the office tasks or needs of the customer she is ready and able to give 100% with a smile.



With a big smile, diligent and cheerful, that’s what we think will describe her the best. She’s always keen to exercise and learn about fitness. Every now and again you’ll find her joining a class as well.

What she loves the most (beside her job at EVOLVE?) for sure her two Golden Retriever dogs, all the long they’re good boys and she’s the best possible mom.

I have been coming to Koh-Phangan for the past five years and I’m so happy that a decent Gym has finally opened on the island. The location is great and the staff made me feel at home right from the very beginning, there is a great sense of community at this place and the private lesson from the personal trainers are the best I’ve had anywhere in the world.

Ben H